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Mrs. Rochelle Newbold

Mrs. Rochelle Newbold has been working in the environmental field for more than 23 years and holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University in Coastal Environmental Management. She has worked in both public and private sectors of The Bahamas and the United States managing environmental matters. She has also managed United Nations regionally funded projects and was the first Chair of the Bahamas Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Small Grant program. Mrs. Newbold also served as the first appointed Director of the Department of Environmental Planning and Projection, the first legislative environmental department in The Bahamas.

Mrs. Newbold is an experienced Climate Change Negotiator for The Bahamas, having led four technical delegations at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (UNFCCC) since 2019. Mrs. Newbold contributed to the development of the first blue carbon credit initiative with the drafting of the Climate Change and Carbon Markets initiatives Act (2022) and proposed Regulations. As a result of her interactions at the various Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC, Mrs. Newbold successfully negotiated a position for The Bahamas on the recently established Loss and Damage Fund Board (2023).

Currently, Mrs. Newbold serves as Special Policy Advisor on Climate Change and Environmental Matters and Director of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister. Mrs. Newbold’s work with SDG matters began in the early 2000s with the Millennium Development Goals. Further, she was part of the leadership team which undertook the ten year review of the Barbados Plan of Action; a contributing factor to the present day 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Programme.

She is focused on building pathways to a sustainable prosperous future for all Bahamians through finance and investment for bankable projects. She is a big believer in “people power” in partnership with the government to achieve the 2030 agenda.

Kendricka Kemp currently serves as a Senior Sustainable Development Goals Officer within the Sustainable Development Goals Unit at the Office of the Prime Minister. She graduated top of her program at the University of The Bahamas with a Bachelors in Public Administration. Ms. Kemp has performed as a dynamic and enthusiastic public officer for the past decade garnering a variety of professional experiences ranging from Correctional Services to public policy and sustainable development.

Most recently, her priorities have pivoted to matters relating to gender equality, building sustainable cities and communities, and peace, justice, and strong institutions; three notable sustainable development goals. Having witnessed The Bahamas experience the effects of the most powerful hurricane in its history in 2019 from Hurricane Dorian, she has developed a keen interest in broadening her knowledge in disaster risk reduction and is committed to sustainable development initiatives within the country.

Hydie Knowles is a Sustainable Development Goals Officer working collaboratively to report and accelerate the country’s awareness and development towards the SDG’s. During her time in sustainability, she has acquired advanced open water diver and certified board professional project management certifications in addition to research and project consultancy experience. In her spare time, she enjoys going on adventures, spending time with loved ones, painting masterpieces, trying new foods, watching movies and reading books. The genesis of her passion for sustainable living began right at our Bahamian coral reefs, and the rest is history. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to contribute to sustainable development initiatives. In fact, pilots, engineers, doctors, social workers, judges, architects all can play a role too.

Cordero M. Johnson is a dynamic and versatile professional widely recognized as a “Swiss Army Knife” in the realm of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. With an extensive skill set and a wealth of experience spanning from various spectrums from project management to natural resource management to training and capacity building. Currently holding the esteemed designation of LEED Green Associate, which further validates his commitment to sustainable development and climate governance and his pursuits to provide informed advice on sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. Known for his passion, dedication, and results-driven approach, he continues to make impactful contributions to the intersection of sustainable development, climate governance, and environmental management, all in an effort to play a role in driving the country to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Tamia Francois is a Sustainable Development Goals Officer in the Sustainable Development Goals Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister. Ms. Francois is an alumnus of the College of Saint Benedict| St. John University where she concentrated on Environmental Studies and History. Her background includes environmental and historical research, sustainable development, and youth activism, which stems from her passions of reading, the natural world, and understanding how history has influenced the well-being and sustainable systems of the world today. She is an avid researcher. Some of her notable research includes climate anxiety in Caribbean nations and an analysis of Caribbean writers during the Harlem Renaissance period. Ms. Francois is passionate to push the Sustainable Development Goals agenda in The Bahamas to help the nation become more resilient and enhance quality of life in the country.

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