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Committee Co-Chair

Erin serves as The Bahamas’ most influential Disability Inclusion Consultant, currently leading the University of the Bahamas, Office of Disabilities and Compliance, she is the President of the only multidimensional disability-led consultancy business regionally and non-governmental organization nationally; Erin Brown Connects, ( EBC) Disability Advocacy and Inclusion Management located in the capital of The Bahamas. With over seventeen years of experience in providing national agencies and community organizations, regional civil society and international bodies with Disability Inclusion strategies in areas of Inclusive Policy Reform , Disaster and Emergency Risk Management, People with Disabilities ( Equal Opportunities) Act 2014 Compliance, Paralympic Development , Inclusive Education and Health Systems.

An active human rights activist , serving on various national and international disability boards and committees representing The Bahamas, EBC continues to provide philanthropic support via disability advocacy, rights and justice programs for people with disabilities, their support network, disability related organizations and non-disabled allies in areas of financial and digital literacy, social entrepreneurship. Additionally, providing global public and private organizations Disability Inclusion infrastructure assessments, professional training, DEIA programs / event resources and support in areas of digital access, inclusive communication, reform hiring policies and creation of employee resource groups to name a few.

Committee Co-Chair

Matthew Aubry, is the Executive Director for the Organization for Responsible Governance, a not for profit organization that promotes citizen and private sector participation to foster accountable governance in The Bahamas and support greater social and economic opportunity for all. With a Master’s degree in Social Work and over 31 years of experience leading not-for-profit organizations focused on equity and social justice, Matthew has spent his life working for sustainable and positive change. Previously, Matthew held prominent positions at YAI Network and Action Against Hunger, internationally recognized agencies for disabilities and hunger relief. In the Bahamas, he made transformative contributions as Director of Community Relations and Partnerships for Baha Mar, managing the BELIEVE Foundation. Additionally, Matthew provided consulting expertise to esteemed organizations such as REACH, Young Marine Explorers, The Seahorse Institute, and more.

He has held significant roles, including Chair of the National Skills Development Committee, Co-Chair of the National COVID Coordination Committee, Co- Chair of the Economic Recovery Committee Education, Social and Energy Committe, Member of the Police Inspectorate, and Chair of the OAS Anti-Corruption Hub. Matthew’s advocacy and social justice work span countries like the United States, Jordan, India, Bangladesh, Canada, The Bahamas, and The United Emirates. With expertise in fundraising, advocacy, policy making, marketing, community organizing, corporate social responsibility, and not-for-profit management, he is driven by the belief that the opportiunity to make a difference should be given to everyone.

Committee Member

Alicia A. Wallace is a queer Black feminist, gender specialist, and human rights defender. She is the Founder and Co-Director of Equality Bahamas which is a feminist organization promoting women’s and LGBTQI+ people’s rights as human rights through advocacy, public education, and community engagement. Alicia works at the intersection of gender and other thematic areas including climate change, conducts research, and facilitates spaces for co-creation. Her recent work includes co-authoring of a guide for civil society organizations on post-legislative scrutiny, stakeholder engagement on the health chapter of the National Adaptation Plan, collaboration to develop a coordinated care model based on research on domestic violence and intimate partner violence, and management of the board and strategic development process of a global climate fund. Alicia enjoys gardening, reading, beaching, and having dessert.

Committee Member

VeChenda Roberts was born on February 4th, she is the youngest of four children. She is a Roman catholic. She attended Xavier’s Lower School, is also a graduate of St Augustine’s College. She graduated from Florida International University in Miami Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in women’s Studies with a minor in Sociology and Anthropology. After graduating from college in June 2001. VeChenda began a teaching career with The Catholic board of Education. She was employed as a Religion, and Family Life Teacher at Our Lady’s Primary School. She has taught all grade levels religion, and Family Life. VeChenda was happy to serve her church in this capacity.

She then became The Religious Coordinator for Our Lady’s Primary School in 2002 until she left Our Lady’s School in August 2009. She was also the liturgical dance instructor while she worked at Our Lady’s School. While working at Our Lady’s School the dance team she was responsible for won second place in The Bahamas National Arts Festival for liturgical dancing.

Ms. Roberts has taught at both the primary, and secondary level. She also taught at John Wesley Methodist College, and at St. John’s College at the high school level where she taught all high school grade levels Religious Knowledge. Education is a passion for Ms. Roberts she loves to see her students excel.
VeChenda is now employed at the Ministry of Social Services since 2018. She works in The Department of Gender and Family Affairs, as an Education Officer. She still gets the opportunity to teach, train, facilitate, and bring about awareness to people in her role as an education officer with the Ministry of Social Services. She also gets many opportunities to be trained, and educated in many different areas, while she works.

Committee Member

A graduate of American Baptist Theological Seminary. Nashville Tennessee, among the Who’s Who in University and Colleges in the USA. Served as the superintendent of the Simpson Penn Center for Boys. Nassau Bahamas.
Now serving as the coordinator for the Men’s Desk at the Ministry of Social Services Information and Broadcasting. The husband of a veteran banker, Minister Christine P. James J P. The father of three sons Chadwick 11, Chadwin and Chad-Vaughn. Grandson Zion.

The Bishop of Mekaddish Ministries International in the Bahamas, Memphis Tennessee, Haiti and Nigeria West Africa. Life Coach and Motovational Speaker. He also serves on the Adoption Committee for the Department of Social Services.

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